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EXPORT AND IMPORT MANAGEMENT New Strategies and Current Practices

EXPORT AND IMPORT MANAGEMENT New Strategies and Current Practices
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
404 Page
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Ekim, 2015
“This valuable publication, which analyzes Turkey's foreign trade structure from a modern point of view, with a wide range of information from the historical evolution of foreign trade and current legislation applications to foreign trade processes, this valuable publication is devoted to those working in this field at all levels, academics and those operating in the private sector/ It is a guide for the professionals who will show it.
Unlike many publications in the field of foreign trade, the book includes interviews where representatives from various sectors of the business world share their experiences. I believe that these interviews, where success stories are told, will make a great contribution to those who have just taken or will take a new step into the business world.
This publication, created in the triangle of public-private sector-university, has been a very valuable study that provides answers from A to Z to questions in the field of foreign trade. I congratulate everyone involved and wish them continued success.”
Adnan Yıldırım (Deputy Minister of Economy)
The point reached in our country, which aims to reach an ambitious export volume of 500 billion dollars from the export-led growth model in the 1980s, is one of the biggest efforts for our development.
Increasing the number of our entrepreneurs who produce and export what they produce and earn foreign currency to the country by using the blessings offered by technology in the most effective way has become more important than yesterday in today's competitive environment.
For this reason, I believe that this publication, prepared by different academics and experts, is a guide in terms of accurate information and using the right resources.
I congratulate everyone who contributed to this valuable publication, with the hope that it will achieve remarkable success in increasing the volume of foreign trade, which is one of our strategic goals.
Ender Yorgancılar (EBSO Chairman of the Board)
The importance of foreign trade is increasing day by day in our globalizing world. I find it very important to share successful examples, transfer past experiences to young entrepreneurs, and thus encourage them.
The work you have created is a very valuable resource in this respect. In particular, interviews with people who have achieved success in Turkish conditions are instructive.
Such publications; It supports production, trade and, in short, life. I congratulate you and everyone involved for your valuable contributions.
Sabri Ünlütürk (Head of Aegean Exporters' Associations Coordinator)

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