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with a history dating back to 1984, is a significant brand in the fields of education, science, and culture, playing an important role in the development and shaping of the industry with over 7,000 publications, a national distribution network, and internet sales organizations. In proportion to the breadth of our publication range and distribution network, today, almost every academician and student has one or more books published by Nobel Publishing Group or distributed through Nobel Publishing Group in their libraries. Additionally, as Nobel Publishing Group, we have been operating regularly on a NATIONAL level since 1984 and on an INTERNATIONAL level since 2011. In order to maintain these standards, our publication applications are evaluated by expert reviewers specific to each field.

A significant portion of our publications consists of academic books. Particularly in fields such as Education and Psychology, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, Communication, International Relations, Health Sciences, Vocational Schools, Physical Education, and Sports, we deliver valuable works of our country's specialized scholars and researchers to readers.

Within Nobel Publishing Group; there are different publishing houses and a national book distribution organization that publish in various fields including Nobel Academic Publishing, Nobel Life, Nobel Kids, Nobel Exam, Nobel Scientific Works, for Dummies Turkey, Active Thought Publications, Atlas Book, Matbu, İktisat Publishing, Altınbaş University Publications, Ebabil Publications, EY Publications, İLEM.

Nobel Publishing Group, with the inclusion of Nobel Kids in 2017, aims to bring together the original stories and illustrations of our national authors and illustrators with children and adults, as well as children's books (ages 0-14) from many international organizations (Kalandraka, Topipittori, Carthusia Edizioni, APA -American Psychological Association-, NSTA Kids -National Science Teachers Association-, jKP -Jessica Kingsley Publishers-, Free Spirit, DK, Pearson, Familius, TUTİ Books, etc.). Additionally, with the "audiobook" feature in all storybooks for ages 0-6, the publishing group aims to be accessible to every child.

Furthermore, PRESENTATION MATERIALS for many of our books that can be used in the classes of teaching staff have been prepared and made accessible via In our publishing house where hundreds of publications come to life every year, although most of the publications are composed of copyrighted works, especially since 2011, we are making efforts to produce TRANSLATION WORKS related to subjects that are felt to be lacking in every field. In this regard, we conduct translation studies with experts in the field and strive to improve the print quality as much as possible.

To prevent the unauthorized reproduction of books prepared and produced under difficult conditions due to reasons like "inaccessibility," and to enable access to tens of thousands of books from Nobel Publishing Group and hundreds of other publishers via the internet, our book sales websites,, and are at your service. We take care to deliver the highest quality publications to our readers under the most favorable sales conditions and continue to evolve by following all the innovations brought by the era.


Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık Eğitim Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. Kültür Mah. Kızılırmak Sok. No:74/1-2 Kocatepe Kültür Merkezi Kızılay / Çankaya / Ankara