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We are proud to reach our “40th Anniversary” with the awareness of a brand that has an important share in the development and shaping of the sector with its 8000+ publications in education, science and culture, nationwide distribution network, and internet sales organizations.
In proportion to the breadth of our publishing range and distribution network, we are a leading publishing group that has managed to enter the libraries of almost every academic, student, and reader today. We are taking firm steps towards making knowledge universal with the regular activities we have carried out at the international level since 2011. Recognizing the importance of maintaining these high standards, one of our key sensitivities is to prioritize the evaluation of each publication application by expert referees specialized in their respective fields of science.
Thus, in academic publishing identified with our name, we bring together the valuable works of competent scientists and researchers specialized in our country, especially in the fields of Education and Psychology, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Communication, International Relations, Health Sciences, Vocational Schools and Physical Education and Sports; we continue to produce publications in diverse areas from literature to personal development, from architecture to fine arts and other topics that have limited literature available.
In our publishing group, which brings hundreds of publications to life every year, most of the publications consist of copyrighted works; however, especially since 2011, we have been focusing on publishing translated works on subjects that are perceived to be lacking in various fields.
Moreover,  through Nobel Children's Publications, which we founded in 2017, we aim to connect children and adults with original stories and illustrations of our national authors and illustrators, as well as children’s books for ages 0-14 from various leading international organizations in the fields of psychology and children’s literature (Kalandraka, Topipittori, Carthusia Edizioni, APA -American Psychological Association-, NSTA Kids -National Science Teachers Association-, JKP -Jessica Kingsley Publishers-, Free Spirit, DK, Pearson, Familius, TUTI Books, etc.); we also aim to be accessible to every child with the “audiobook” feature in all storybooks for the 0-6 age range of this publishing group.
Furthermore, we have made the lecture presentations of many of our books, which faculty members and staff can use in their courses as members, available on
To prevent the unauthorized photocopying and distribution of books created under challenging conditions due to their “limited availability”, our book sales website is now live that provides access to tens of thousands of books from Nobel Publishing Group and numerous other publishing houses. We offer all publications from Nobel Publishing Group, with many available in e-book format, for sale at with attractive discounts.
Nobel Publishing Group encompasses a wide range of publishers, including Nobel Academic Publishing, Nobel Yaşam, Nobel Kültür, Nobel Çocuk, Pixel Kitap, Nobel Bilimsel Eserler, for Dummies Türkiye, Aktif Düşünce, Atlas Kitap, İktisat Yayınları, Altınbaş University Publications, Ebabil Publications, EY Publications, İLEM, Masterwork, OSTİM Technical University Publications, TESAM Publications, and our national book distribution organization, Atlas Akademik Basım Ltd. Şti.
In our 40th year, we are committed to delivering the highest quality publications to our readers under the most favorable sales conditions, and we continue to develop by embracing all the innovations of the age.  

Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık Eğitim Danışmanlık Tic. Ltd. Şti. Kültür Mah. Kızılırmak Sok. No:74/1-2 Kocatepe Kültür Merkezi Kızılay / Çankaya / Ankara