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My Personality and Me

My Personality and Me
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
292 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
2. Baskı
Print Year
Ocak, 2021
Karton Kapak
The main purpose of this book is to bring an understandable view on the development of personality and the ability to balance between instincts and the real world, that is, to establish a balance between giving and receiving, to have a healthy ego, to find the real "me" within, and to achieve harmony.
Our personality, our inner world; we liken it to the sea and space. No matter how deep we try and analyze, it is not possible for us to fully understand and analyze it. Personality; our thoughts, speech, and how we act. Our personality is responsible for our harmony with the environment. Our characteristics, impulses, habits, attitudes and attitudes, moral characteristics, social relations are a skill of our personality. There are many factors that shape human nature. These include the forces of our inner world, spiritual forces, the effects of the outer world, and the conditioning of our environment. By addressing all these in this book, we wanted to make a small contribution to the journey from the problematic world inside and outside of us to a better world.
In the light of all these things; the development adventure of human since birth, the characteristics of the period, the strengths, conflicts, defenses, ways of coping, emotions, behavior, the underlying causes of the behavior, the problems experienced, the parent-child relationship and parental effects, the ways of having a healthy personality and being a healthy parent; the formation of our sexual role, identity and sexual identity; We tried to convey the models of anxiety we experience, the effects of society on people and their lifestyles, the violence experienced today, the relationship between maturation and the values ​​we have, and the interaction of us middle-aged and young people. I explained the reasons for these and how they occur so that they can be prevented and changed. Apart from all these, we tried to explain in detail a new acceptable model of "normal" personality in the field of psychology, namely Steven Reiss's understanding of "Normal Personality".

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