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PUBLIC RELATIONS from Image Engineering Vision

PUBLIC RELATIONS from Image Engineering Vision
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
414 Page
Number of Prints
6. Baskı
Print Year
Mart, 2014
It would not be wrong to call the age of communication, where social media, virtual networks and mass communication advance with giant strides, as the age of image.
The importance of image structuring at individual, organizational and national levels is related to the fact that the image is a phenomenon that can be established and managed. Image studies are at the focal point of public relations. All other work is shaped around this focal point. For this reason, characterizing the activities carried out to create an image as public relations will be insufficient in naming the activities carried out. It would be more correct to say "Image Engineering" instead.
Within the framework of the SA 8000 Social Responsibility standard determined in 1997, businesses have started to contribute to the fields of Social Entrepreneurship, which also aims to create a positive image by proving to their target audience that they work with a "win-win" mentality and to provide a sustainable contribution to the welfare of the society by supporting disadvantaged people within the scope of their social responsibilities.
The target audiences defined within the scope of public relations are quite broad. It starts from within the business, from the employees, customers, potential customers, competitors, government, etc. It extends to many popular communities at the national and international level. One of the most important tools in reaching large masses of people; media, the other is the virtual environment. Thanks to virtual networks and social media, the business has been able to have the freedom to manage its own news. Moreover, it has become easier to manage the image of the enterprise, which can be edited 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can shape the desired visuality and content at any time in an extremely dynamic environment. However, considering how fast the spread of information as well as its creation can be in the age of communication, it should be accepted that the preservation of the image has become more difficult than before.
The importance of public relations activities is gradually increasing due to the search for answers on how to protect the image as well as how to structure the image in the desired direction.

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