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General Microbiology and Laboratory Guide

General Microbiology and Laboratory Guide
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
248 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
13. Basım
Print Year
Mart, 2023
Karton Kapak
The first edition of our book, of which we have made the 12th edition, was made in 2003 under the title of "General Microbiology". It includes topics such as the morphology, cell structures, development, reproduction, ecology, hereditary changes, classification of microorganisms and consists of 10 chapters. In the 2 (2007), 3 (2011), 4 (2013), 5 (February 2015), 6 (November 2015) editions of the book, tools and equipment used in the microbiology laboratory, aseptic technique, sterilization, microscope types, staining methods, pure culture techniques Laboratory applications such as , media, counting methods are also included. Thus, the book consisting of 24 chapters was named as “General Microbiology and Laboratory Guide”.
In each renewed edition, new sources on the subject were scanned and important information was added. In the 4th edition made in 2013, no significant changes were made in the subject headings except for the additional titles of the structure and functions of nucleic acids ( and general and current summary information about antibiotics (5.5.). However, in the 5th edition, the subsection on the structure-functions of nucleic acids ( was taken to the 9th section and the name of this section was changed to "genetics of microorganisms and hereditary change". In the 9th edition, additions were made to the 10th chapter. In the 10th and 11th editions, some grammatical errors were corrected and in the last edition the importance of microbiology was added.
Our aim is to present a book on General Microbiology to the students of the Food Engineering Department of the faculties of Engineering and Agriculture and to the students of other departments studying General Microbiology at Universities. Of course, we will be proud that everyone who is interested in the subject will benefit from our book.
We are happy to be able to make the tenth edition of our book, which is popularly read in the relevant departments of both our universities and vocational schools.

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