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ART OF MANAGEMENT - Successful Management and Management

ART OF MANAGEMENT - Successful Management and Management
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
480 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
Yenilenmiş ve Geliştirilmiş 7. Basım
Print Year
Şubat, 2019
Karton Kapak
In principle, the management of goods and services produced in all public institutions and businesses is based on knowledge and science; management of people depends on knowledge, skills and experience. Therefore, management is scientific; management is a skill-based artistic function and activity. Every manager has to be knowledgeable in the science of management and the art of management, to train and improve himself in this regard in order to be successful.
However, in organizational life, the field of business of managers is mostly human. Because the goods and services produced in every organization are realized by people (employees) and offered to people. Therefore, organizational success depends on the successful management of the employees as well as the effective and efficient management of the goods and services produced. Successfully managing employees in an organization (institution and business); that satisfies them in their work and workplace; A manager who also produces goods and services effectively and efficiently is a real leader. However, humans are the most difficult psychosocial beings in the world to manage. Therefore, managing people is a difficult art based on knowledge, skills and experience: The Art of Management.
The book ARTS OF MANAGEMENT, written by the author as a result of his experience in bureaucratic, diplomatic and academic management as a management science and public administration expert of 40 years, was renewed in accordance with contemporary scientific developments in its 7th edition and improved with the addition of 9 more chapters. It is also enriched with photographs suitable for the subjects, which are explained in detail with examples and case studies in order to apply the principles and procedures.
We believe that when you read this book and apply the suggested principles and methods, there will be a positive development in your management and business life and will contribute to your success. Our goal is for You to be a successful “leading manager” in your organization or business.

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