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WHICH THERAPY? Effective Psychotherapy Recommendations Against Mental Difficulties

WHICH THERAPY? Effective Psychotherapy Recommendations Against Mental Difficulties
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
240 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
3. Basım
Print Year
Ağustos, 2023
Karton Kapak
Psychotherapies have come a long way since Freud in approaching psychological problems. Psychoanalysis was objectively the first sign of a serious revolutionary development. Eyes were on him for a long time, and he played a role that extended beyond himself, affecting other areas. Life as a dynamic process was pushing the boundaries of existing theory, its concepts and method, and different theorists came up with various approaches to psychodynamic therapies. Other approaches that are functional, useful for different needs and suitable for both the complexity and simplicity of the human have started to impose themselves. At this point, the dawn of new developments was on the horizon. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its branches, which have matured with the meeting of behavioral and cognitive approaches, have started to be grasped by experts working in the field since the 1990s in our country. It has been proven by experimental studies that speech, words, metaphors, and thought, based on a theory and scientific method, have functions that affect the brain in the process of looking at issues, behavior and decision-making in a way similar to the chemical molecules in drugs. Acceptance and Determination Therapy was a new stop on the way, in terms of inviting people to take action and offering methods to overcome obstacles, in the emergence of certain inner lives that prevent us from living a meaningful and rich life. Schema Therapy, which reveals the basic structures of recurring difficulties in people's lives and intervenes with these complaints with experiential techniques, and Metacognitive Therapy, which intervenes by focusing on the effect of thoughts about thoughts on chronicling the problems, were again the other important stages of this journey. In addition to all these, EMDR Therapy, which works with memories to reduce or eliminate the psychological effects of traumas, that is, negative experiences and psychological threats, has emerged as another psychotherapy method that is frequently used today and its effects have been scientifically proven.
This book, which deals with today's frequently used, scientifically proven and high-evidence psychotherapy methods; Beyond giving information about contemporary methods and how they work, it is also worth reading as a comparative psychology history. In this respect, it is a work that has a rich content and is easy to read, but also very in-depth, not only for experts but also for those who are curious about current developments in the world of psychology.
Emrah Maraso
Science and Utopia Editor-in-Chief

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