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PASTRY-1: Raw Materials, Cleaning, Hygiene, Design

PASTACILIK-1: Hammaddeler, Temizlik, Hijyen, Dizayn
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
328 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
Genişletilmiş ve Güncellenmiş 2. Basım
Print Year
Ağustos, 2022
Karton Kapak
The field of gastronomy is very new and many new researches are carried out in this field, articles and books are published all over the world and in Turkey. Although there are popular books in the field of gastronomy, in the field of pastry and bakery, which is considered a sub-branch of gastronomy, there is no comprehensive source at the national level in which food science and gastronomy science are discussed together in an academic sense. Some books, such as grain or grain technology, which were written only for the field of food engineering, were published, or books whose content mainly consisted of recipes and applications in the field of pastry and bakery were prepared. Considering that the trends and trainings in the field of pastry and bakery are also very new, it is obvious that there is a need for reference books in the field. If it is desired to define a field for this book, the field of pastry and bakery can be pronounced under gastronomy, but in cake and bread making, the production technology of food, the direction of nutrition science, food chemistry, the presence of comprehensive food additives, and the topics related to food hygiene and microbiology and pastry are the book food engineering requires labeling with the field.
With this book, patisseries, bakeries or bakery businesses operating in the sector, needing all kinds of basic information about the field, especially academicians in gastronomy, nutrition and dietetics, cookery, food engineering and other related fields, who want to do research in the field of pastry and bakery, it is desired to be addressed to those who work in the field of cookery-pastry of the hotels and those who are/will be trained in the mentioned fields.

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