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“Nepotism, oppression, exclusion and liquidation… The history of the universities and academic life of the Republic of Turkey has been systematically tarnished by these three diseases. I think that the book Ethical Violations in Academia: Experienced Cases makes meaningful and up-to-date contributions to the exposure of these diseases.”
prof. Dr. Korkut Boratav

"Being able to take part in academic life, which should be an environment where the truth is sought by discussing and discussing, requires human respect as much as respect for truth. Truth morality is the morality of people who seek the truth. There is no human being in a structure without values ​​that create this morality. Here, this book is an inspiration for academic moral life from different perspectives. It consists of studies that reveal the values ​​that should be and the problems in living these values. I respectfully welcome the efforts of the compilers and authors, and I wish that the university, which should be a respected institution, will walk towards competence step by step with such studies."
prof. Dr. Ahmet Inam, METU

“This book, published by AKETDER, symbolizes a bold step that brings the issue of ethical violations, one of the most important problems of the academy, to the agenda. The examples in the book about ethical violations, which are known to exist and widespread in academia, will also be a guide on how to overcome this problem. I congratulate the Association and its editors for their efforts and courageous actions in this direction.”
prof. Dr. Gülten DİNÇ, Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa

“Prof. Dr. Fahri Apaydın and Assoc. Dr. This unique work, titled "Violations of Ethics in Academia", prepared for publication by Sinan Kadir Çelik, reflects the ethical situation of the academy. When it comes to academia, the first thing that comes to mind is mobbing. mobbing; It causes mental health disorders, loss of self-confidence, loss of self-esteem, and suicide in people. It is very important to raise awareness on this issue and to make legal arrangements immediately. We know that mobbing incidents occur frequently in Turkey, especially in universities, and that administrators tend to cover up. In this respect, the work we have is the writing and disclosure of what was covered up by the academics themselves.”
prof. Dr. Kemal Kocabaş, Dokuz Eylul University

It is necessary to congratulate all those who have contributed to the hope that this valuable study, which brings up a number of problems that seriously affect the scientific freedom environment and academic life in our country, with its historical examples, will be effective in overcoming these problems, especially to the extent that it raises the awareness of young scientists.
prof. Dr. Galip Yalman, METU Political Science, retired faculty member

This book has accomplished a very important work and a first by reminding the scientists of our country about the moral obligations of being an academician. I hope that this book, which I wish to continue, will be an opportunity to confront our common ethical violations and mistakes, and recommend all scientists and university students to obtain this book and read it carefully; I congratulate the compilers and contributors of this book.
prof. Dr. Dogan Ozlem, Yeditepe University

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