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Social Media Sociology

Social Media Sociology
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
304 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Aralık, 2020
Karton Kapak
Communication is a process that exists with the society, develops and changes with the society; shaped in parallel with social changes. Social media is a social communication process and a virtualized form of socialization. Communication, which takes place in our lives in every form and form that progresses from face-to-face communication to virtual communication today, is at the center of our lives, especially with the form of social media that we have started to use intensively with the COVID-19 pandemic. In today's world, when we are confined to our homes due to the pandemic, and live all our socialization activities and all processes of life in digital form, almost all subjects related to human and society have become virtualized versions of our lives in the physical world, by becoming virtualized and massified with the effect of social media. This book, which aims to provide answers about social media, which has become a virtual society, consists of topics that form social life, about the society, and also determines our virtual lives and agendas by moving to social media, and offers different perspectives on the sociology of social media.

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