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In this book, 21 of the Multi-Attribute Decision Making (MCDM) methods are presented in a specific systematic, with both their mathematical background and managerial applications. Examined methods: AHP, ANP, DEMATEL, ELECTRE, PROMETHEE, TOPSIS, VIKOR, MOORA, ENTROPI, COPRAS, SWARA, WASPAS, SMAA, GRA, MABAC, ORESTE, TODIM, ARAS, EDAS, CODAS, MACBETH. In the book, the theoretical part of these methods, which are widely used in MLKV, are explained in detail and their applications with MS Excel solutions for real problems are given. Applications can be easily accessed from the publisher's website. Although there are free/paid software for some MLKV methods, it is beneficial for the readers to examine the applications with MS Excel solutions after absorbing the theoretical part. Applications with MS Excel solutions, which are presented with the book, can be developed specifically for the problem, for applications to be made with methods that do not currently have existing software. For methods with software, researchers/managers who have completed this process can easily interpret and analyze the results of the software.

“Multi-Criteria Decision Making Methods: MS Excel® Solutions for Applications I consider one of the most comprehensive books ever published in this field. There are 22 chapters in the book, which are covered in a wide range from the most known and used methods to many new methods developed in recent years and prepared by experts in the subject. The presence of solved problems prepared on current issues in each chapter adds a special value to the book. I am really pleased that such a qualified study has been prepared in the Turkish language of science.
The editor of the book, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Kabak and Assoc. Dr. I congratulate Yetkin Çınar for his success in bringing together experts working on multi-criteria decision making at different universities. I congratulate the authors of the chapters, each of which has been prepared successfully, for their contributions to the Turkish scientific world. I would like to thank all the referees who contributed to the preparation of the book.”
Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kahraman
ITU Industrial Engineering Department
“Decision making is a process of selection and qualification that people face at every moment. There is a serious need for a systematic analytical flow, depending on the size of the decision under consideration. In addition, considering the decision problem together with the criteria in the ecosystem and evaluating it in terms of these criteria is of great importance in terms of the accuracy and validity of the decision. Within the scope of this book; The systematic handling of the decision process, the determination of the most appropriate method and its evaluation with a systematic analytical flow have been successfully handled with real-life applications. In particular, analytical decision-making approaches are explained in a detailed and understandable way. I think that the book will be an important reference source for every evaluator who will take part in the decision process, and it will be a masterpiece for students who want to examine this process.”
Prof. Dr. İhsan Kaya
Yıldız Teknik University

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