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Li-ion Batteries and Applications

Li-ion Batteries and Applications
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
216 Page
1. Hamur / Renkli
Number of Prints
3. Baskı
Print Year
Eylül, 2021
Karton Kapak
One of our biggest concerns in today's urban life is that our electronic gadgets run out of charge and that we cannot find wi-fi for the internet. The charging problem has made even the most novice user curious about battery-related issues. When the rising electric vehicle, charging infrastructure and smart city designs are added to this, the subject has reached a high level of importance. Li-ion batteries come first among the most effective sectoral solutions for all these needs. This has made studies on Li-ion batteries popular. Despite its increasing popularity, Turkish resources containing academic and general information about Li-ion batteries are very limited.
This book; It aims to explain Li-ion batteries, their structure, applications, control, problems and production in an easy language. While doing this, it aims to contribute to the researchers in going into the details of the subject by giving the necessary information and resources to the researchers who are interested in the subject by going beyond the general framework.
The book consists of six chapters:
In the first part; As a general introduction to energy and storage, the basic concepts of batteries, the mathematics of the business and the most basic information, and the unique language of introductory Li-ion batteries are explained.
In the second part; For undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students who want to specialize in this subject, the content of Li-ion batteries, their basic problems, academic studies on basic problems, the state of technology and Li-ion battery chemistry are explained.
In the third part; The production process and production infrastructure of Li-ion batteries are discussed.
In the fourth chapter; The history of batteries parallel to electrification and applications of Li-ion batteries are presented. The chapter also examines the expected benefits from energy storage.
In the fifth section; How Li-ion batteries should work when brought together, namely Battery Management Systems, is explained.
In the sixth and last chapter, the safety risks of using Li-ion batteries and the causes and solutions of these risks are summarized.

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