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Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
500 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Ekim, 2020
Karton Kapak
This book is a publication that examines consumer behavior, trying to shed light on both theory and practice. In addition, the “Dictionary” unit at the end of the book will fill a big gap in this regard. The book is a resource written in plain language, approaching the problems of consumer behavior from a scientific point of view. It is remarkable that the subjects are presented in their simplest form and enriched with examples. Undoubtedly, this study will be a reference book for students who are on the way to learn marketing with all these features. I congratulate everyone who contributed, especially the editors who created the content of this useful book and ensured its wide participation, and wish them continued success.
prof. Dr. Yavuz ODABAŞI, Anadolu University, Retired Lecturer

“Consumer behavior” is one of the most complex issues within the marketing science discipline. Marketing academics continue to examine the subject from every aspect and continue to examine the tiniest details of purchasing. Educator Editor. See. Mehmet Akif Çakırer and Assoc. Dr. Sezer Bozyiğit's book “Consumer Behaviors” has reached us as an important bedside book consisting of several chapters, each of which was written by current sources, by many valuable academicians on the subject. An extremely useful resource for academics and practitioners on the subject. My heartfelt congratulations to both the editors and the authors.
prof. Dr. İbrahim KIRCOVA, Yıldız Technical University

Consumption mainly uses neighborhood pressure. The basis for this is that “We will feel left out if we don't do what the rest of the world does or take what they get.” based on his argument. The difference is so clear that it's like the difference between the "visible" person to others and the "invisible" person in the toilet. How to say, not the same person. Why not? This is where behavioral sciences come into play... Decision science. Why do we think so? Why do we act like that? What is the real motivation behind the decisions you make? Why do smart people make stupid mistakes? “They don't know, but they do.” This discourse expressed by Karl Marx in Capital has been one of the most important illuminators of the definition of ideology over the years. For today; If we say, "They don't think, they just take"... Let's see why this is so, let's read and learn about this valuable, multi-authored, multi-viewed work...
prof. Dr. Uğur BATI, Communication Sciences and Decision Science Specialist

Changes occurring in our country and in the world directly or indirectly affect consumer behavior as well as in many different areas. In the face of the emerging changes, the demands and demands of the consumers may also differ. In this sense, marketing managers who are trying to create and manage demand should act proactively against their competitors. This book, which will contribute to the training of future marketing managers, whom we expect to act proactively, will provide important knowledge and open perspective not only to students studying in the field of marketing, but also to those who are sarcastic or come from different disciplines and work or will work in the field of marketing. I would like to congratulate our esteemed editorial friends who contributed to the creation of this book, as well as our young academics who added value to the chapters they wrote for their contributions.
prof. Dr. Erkan ÖZDEMİR, Uludag University

I am sure that anyone who is interested in the field will enjoy reading this work, which is the product of a meticulous study, in which the theoretical information on consumer behavior, which is the focal point of marketing science, is supported by current examples and case studies. I congratulate everyone who has passed the test.
prof. Dr. Gulpinar KELMCI, Marmara University

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