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SPECIFIC LEARNING DISABILITY - The Family and Teacher's Book

SPECIFIC LEARNING DISABILITY - The Family and Teacher's Book
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
96 Page
Kuşe / Renkli
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Ekim, 2020
Karton Kapak
“My teachers; They said my mind was slow, that I was antisocial, and that I'd be dazed by my stupid dreams until I died."
Albert Einstein – Scientist
Specific Learning Disability (SLD); It is a neurobiologically based disorder that is often noticed with the beginning of the child's academic life, but if it is not detected and intervened by specialists, its lifelong effect compels the person to struggle in all areas of his life, and genetic and environmental factors are effective. The definition of "DYSLExia" is used more often than "Specific Learning Disorder", as it is often defined as only the difficulty experienced in the "reading" skill.
Although it is sometimes defined as "disorder", sometimes "disease", sometimes "difficulty", sometimes "difference", it is a condition independent of intelligence that seriously affects both social and academic life of the individual, but in some cases it is a mis-perceived "intelligence retardation". is a hassle.
ÖÖG; Since it is a difficulty that affects language development and use, verbal and written expression, literacy and mathematics skills, it can lead to school failure and additional school adjustment problems. Considering the importance of school life in the child's mental development, when not correctly detected and intervened, the accompanying Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and Behavioral Disorders are often overlooked comorbid conditions and pave the way for the child to experience emotional trauma.
As a result of nearly 10 years of experience and experience, it was decided to write this book. Practical practices of a team of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists and Child Psychologists were shared. I hope it will be used as a reference book about what are known to be true about SLD, the importance of early detection and correct intervention, and what the legal rights of the child with SLD are…

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