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WHO LIVES IN RUSSIA? Ethnic Atlas of the Russian Federation

WHO LIVES IN RUSSIA? Ethnic Atlas of the Russian Federation
Yazarın Kendi Yayını / Salih Yılmaz
468 Page
Kuşe / Renkli / Sıvama ciltli
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Eylül, 2020
Sıvama Cilt
Dear readers!
Russia is an amazing country. There are more than 190 ethnic communities in its cultural identity. Most of them have been living in their home country since history. Peoples of different languages, beliefs and ethnicities in Russia not only preserve their languages, customs and traditions, but also contribute to the cultural richness of the country with an education system that can transfer them to future generations.
2019 is mutually celebrated as the year of culture and tourism in Russia and Turkey. In 2019, citizens of the Republic of Turkey will have the opportunity to meet with many activities related to Russian culture and history. These events include concerts, cinema shows, painting and crafts exhibitions, etc. will be. With all these activities, it may be possible to reflect the cultural richness of Russia to the Turkish society.
This book you will read will contribute to you with an interesting presentation of information that will guide the ethnic world of the Russian Federation. While reading this book, you will get acquainted with the history of the peoples of Russia, their languages, cultures, traditions and their relations with the state in general. If you want to understand the geography of Russia and Russia, you must start with understanding the history, political, economic and cultural development of the peoples living in that region. This book will be a good guide for you.
This book will be useful for Turkish businessmen, politicians and the general public to get to know and understand Russia. In addition, it can shed light on a new beginning for researchers, academics, teachers and students who are curious about the historical past of Russia and want to do research on it.
I wish you a good reading with the hope that it will contribute to the development of Turkey-Russia cooperation.
Aleksey YERHOV - Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkey

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