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FAMILY THERAPY: A Spiritually Oriented Perspective

FAMILY THERAPY: A Spiritually Oriented Perspective
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
338 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
2. Basım
Print Year
Mayıs, 2023
Karton Kapak
Spiritual or religious orientation in human life, along with many factors such as family characteristics, social environment, cultural context; it affects how individuals perceive and make sense of themselves, the events around them and the world, and also shapes the thoughts, feelings and behaviors of individuals. spiritual/religious beliefs and practices; it nurtures and connects families and communities, promotes recovery in times of crisis, and fosters resilience through prolonged adversity. In this respect, the fact that spiritual orientation constitutes an important part of clients and is an important component that should be emphasized in the therapy process has an undeniable potential. Although spiritual orientation is integrated into individual counseling approaches, it also appears as a very supportive element in the family therapy process. The necessity of family therapy comes to the fore when the family is the first environment in which people are born, the vital role and importance of family characteristics, upbringing styles, traditionally transferred values, communication and interactions within the family in the development of individuals and being psychologically healthy individuals. Spiritually oriented practices seem to be quite functional when dealing with problems in family members and family system. In this sense, spiritually oriented practices are needed in family therapy processes to be carried out with clients and family members who position their religious-spiritual dimensions at an important point in their lives and want them to be addressed in psychotherapy processes. In this context, this book primarily aims to provide a spiritually oriented perspective on basic family therapy theories, and then aims to make various contributions to theory and practice by providing a spiritually oriented perspective on many situations that can be experienced in the family. The book, which aims to shed light on the spiritual dimension of family therapy for individuals and specialists working in the field of mental health, especially PDR and Psychology, is enriched with practices and case examples.

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