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Studies on Islamic Economics and Finance

Studies on Islamic Economics and Finance
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
248 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Haziran, 2020
Karton Kapak
The problems we face today, where perhaps the fastest transformations in the history of humanity are experienced, trigger the search for a new normal, system and order in order to protect the current gains and to ensure an inclusive and sustainable growth and development process. These searches, which take place in almost every field, especially in socioeconomic and political fields; re-understanding the old, the re-discovery of the new, and the examination of the interaction between the old and the new. From an economic point of view as a result of these searches, discussions on the new economic system are being mobilized, and the problems of what will replace the old systems, how the new order will function, and how to define the roles of these new normally known economic actors are questioned -objectively and normatively. One of the efforts made in this context is the studies carried out within the scope of Islamic Economics and Finance, which is the richest in terms of experience, originality and consistency, and the impact/repercussion of these studies is increasing and expanding day by day across the world.
In order to support this effect/echo, this book, which was initiated by using the blind arbitrator process, begins by examining the subject of interest, which functions as litmus paper in terms of economic thought and systems. After the interest topic, there are sections on zakat, the state, solidarity institutions and participation banks, respectively. Within the scope of Islamic Finance; financing models, blockchain technology, behavioral finance and investment attorneyship are examined, followed by applied studies on the economy-finance relationship. Thus, it has been tried to contribute to the efforts of humanity in general and Turkey in particular to get rid of the systematic bottlenecks and deadlocks, and to the aims of understanding the old, discovering the new and examining the old-new interaction within the scope of Islamic Economics and Finance.

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