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Mathematics and Life

Mathematics and Life
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
360 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Şubat, 2020
From the micro level to the macro level, there is a dynamic order in life and the universe, even if it seems chaotic, and mathematics is an important tool in analyzing and expressing this order. The mathematical information revealed by the branches of science explaining nature and the universe and the information revealed by mathematics itself are in harmony within and between themselves. In short, where there is order of any kind, there is also mathematics.
Basic knowledge and skills that should be used in daily life such as measuring (number, length, area, volume, time) and calculating (shopping, determining the requirements for the completion of a job, sharing, finding direction, determining relationships, etc.) mark the emergence of mathematics. motivated. Therefore, before mathematical concepts and operations were defined, they were felt in life and the mental infrastructure of discovery was formed. When we consider numbers, shapes and properties, solving real life problems with a mathematical potential, and generally being able to reveal the solution methods to problems, as a mathematical thinking skill; It would be appropriate to define mathematics as an art of thinking. These basic elements have gradually diversified and progressed with the tendency of the mind to develop them, the desire to know and understand, the development of life in a way that will increase the use of mathematical knowledge and skills, and the increasing relations of other branches of science and art with mathematics.
The relationship between mathematics and life is quite extensive and generally covers the topics of "mathematical order in nature", "real life problems", "use of mathematics in science and art". The use of mathematics in the sciences covers a large part of the existing mathematical knowledge and the fields in which it is used are also quite extensive. The topics covered in the book are as follows: Golden Ratio (in face, body and dental aesthetics; heart, brain, lungs, gynecology, genetics, walking, finance, marketing, physics, architecture, music and painting), Polyhedrons (applications in different branches of science and art) ), Fibonacci Numbers and their uses, Spirals and Spirals in Nature, Mathematical Order in Plants, Music and Mathematics, Fractals and their Applications in Life (economics, music, genetic music, modeling natural forms, medicine, architecture, urban planning, geology, classification of fingerprints, Classification of trees, graphic design, fractal antenna, photo compression, sculpture and painting) and examples of Mathematical Modeling at the point of solving real life problems. In summary; In this book, the mathematical order of nature and the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers, fractals and regular polyhedra, which have an important place in nature, life, art, aesthetics and some scientific fields, are emphasized.

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