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ROMANDRAMA -Theory and Practice Techniques-

ROMANDRAMA -Theory and Practice Techniques-
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
144 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Şubat, 2020
Who will stay tomorrow? The one who makes his life meaningful and leaves a creative mark on the world within his own existential responsibility will remain for tomorrow. Here, with Romandrama, people who integrate the "word" of the novels with the "action" of Psychodrama under the same roof, return to their existence, which they broke off in the daily life rituals they are stuck in, with the gain of insight, which is the most valuable bond they have established with themselves, with psychotherapeutic recovery and the courage to write creatively, and tomorrow. they leave a mark.
stay for tomorrow; it is powered and shaped by the desire to make short life permanent and meaningful as the existential and most basic theme of humanity. There are novels, characters or scenes that we cannot forget. In some we find the meaning of life, in some we want to rewrite. The power of One Thousand and One Nights comes from Scheherazade's masterful narration in the stories she recreates every evening. The deeper and the more psychological we have, the more we gain a place in the heart of the other person, the more we realize our own heart and leave our own traces for tomorrow. Through the novels that they cannot forget, people realize the existence of a process that is disrupted in their own lives, that they want to change, but that they are not aware of.
romance; connects many concepts belonging to human, psychology, literature and life through novels and psychodrama.
In this book, in which the theory of Romandrama is discussed together with its application methods; the psychotherapeutic factors, theories and methods on which Romandrama is based, in a wide sample and within the framework of an innovative understanding of the basis of use in individual and group therapy; It is offered as a helpful resource to those who want to make their own inner journey with psychotherapeutic psychology readings, those who want to write their own story within the framework of creative writing techniques, therapists working in the field of psychology, academicians, psychology students and other professional groups working in the field.

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