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World Literature Studies

World literature, perceived together with different geographies and countries, has a polyphonic structure that cannot be limited to time or place. Every society or nation contributes to this structure to the extent of its own literary ability. In this structure, it is seen that the feelings, thoughts, views of the people who lived in different times or geographies, and the way they express their own existence are shaped by national and local characteristics and become universal.
While national literatures address certain societies, world literature addresses humanity; It is the common heritage of all humanity. While the issue of which authors and works should be considered as a priority when it comes to world literature is open to debate, what matters here is what we hear and feel from these writers and works, regardless of their language, religion and nationality. Regardless of nationality, the language of emotions is common.
In this work called World Literature Studies, world literature and world classics are introduced in general, from the first examples to the present, and then information about literary movements is given; Russian, French, English, Greek, Latin, German, American, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian, Indian, Turkish and Japanese literatures are discussed with examples. In the last part of the work, classical works selected from both Eastern and Western literature have been tried to be analyzed in the light of contemporary analysis methods. In this respect, it is thought that the work will constitute an important resource for researchers and art lovers who are interested in world literature.

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