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Being a Comrade on the Path of Life: A Guide to Happy Marriage

Being a Comrade on the Path of Life: A Guide to Happy Marriage
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
336 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
2. Basım
Print Year
Haziran, 2023
Karton Kapak
Man comes to the world, which is expatriate, on a gradual journey. The soul first becomes a guest in the mother's womb, which is a safer, warmer and more peaceful home than the world. Then the world life, which is the difficult journey of the expat life, begins. It is an unforgettable but secret love, the destination and the safe first stop. Sometimes knowingly, sometimes unconsciously, the search continues. As humans grow, they no longer fit in the nest they grew up in, like birds and other creatures. They have to build a home themselves. They model what they learned in the previous slot, creating similar slots. Some will be successful, some will not. For real peace and happiness, a home to go after a certain age is indispensable. Home is a place where people feel safe and rest when they enter. To leave the turmoil of the outer world in front of the door, to remove everything from the body; And feeling the peace, warmth, serenity, trust and belonging from the soul is only possible with a home. But unfortunately, it seems like it has become difficult to build a home and be at peace in the home nowadays. Self-centredness gripped our souls, we became slaves of capitalism. We searched for that warm home in temporary accommodation. Especially as you get older, you will see that no matter what you have, if there is no home, you will be missing. You can't find the feeling of children in a peaceful house, the physical and spiritual pleasure of two married lovers, the peace of being together in anything else and it will always be missing.
This book; It has been prepared to convey to couples what they should and should not do for a happy marriage and a peaceful home, based on lived stories, the psychological and physiological needs of couples in their married life, a healthy communication and sexual life. We wish our book to be a guide for you to be informed in order to be a companion on the path of life.

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