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THE RISE AND FALL OF MUSLIM BROTHERS -The Problem of Political Institutionalization in Islamic Movements-

MÜSLÜMAN KARDEŞLER’İN YÜKSELİŞİ VE DÜŞÜŞÜ -İslami Hareketlerde Siyasi Kurumsallaşma Sorunu-
İLEM Yayınları
320 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Ağustos, 2019
Studies on Islamic movements, or more specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, have often focused on ideological foundations or tensions with the political regime. Although there are a limited number of analyzes on the organizational structure of the movements, the way they are organized, the method of education and ideological indoctrination in these studies, the factor of institutionalization has always been left out of consideration in these analyses. The most important reason underlying this is that Islamic movements are not accepted as political institutions. Considering that political institutions are structures that attribute value and identity to their members, Islamic movements should be accepted as political institutions and their institutionalization processes should be taken into account, since they have similar characteristics. In this context, the book in your hand tries to answer the question of how the institutionalization processes of Islamic movements should be analyzed based on the assumption that they are also political institutions. In the book, in the example of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is considered the pioneer of Islamic movements, the institutionalization problem of the Movement is analyzed over six parameters, and the level of institutionalization of the structure is analyzed within the framework of its relationship with the Egyptian regime, in addition to the internal tensions and debates it has experienced since 1928.

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