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I CAN BE MYSELF - A Journey to Find the Real Me

I CAN BE MYSELF - A Journey to Find the Real Me
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
286 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Nisan, 2019
The main purpose of the book is to help people to be themselves, to find their "real self", to change their negative thoughts to realistic and positive thoughts, and to experience realistic and positive emotions, and to change their behavior in a positive way. It is not easy to go back to the essence, to move from the negative to the positive. There will be troubles on this road. Only this can be achieved, and we can be individuals who are happy, fulfilled, and enjoy the irresistible pleasure of being ourselves.
In other words, instead of feelings of guilt, shame, worthlessness, insecurity, and humiliation, we deserve to trust ourselves, to feel valuable, to love, to be loved, to shape our lives according to the real needs and wishes of the "real me" and to be happy. It is in our hands to turn our world, which we have made into hell with our own thoughts, into heaven. Thoughts can be changed. Only in this way can we succeed in being the selves we deserve.
For these reasons, the book mainly focuses on the basic concepts of positive psychology, cognitive psychology, rational emotional behavioral therapy, humanistic psychology and psychoanalytic theory, especially early childhood, parental effects and psychodynamic-based understanding. In order to get rid of negative thoughts and turn to positive and realistic thoughts and think strongly, techniques and examples related to the subject are given under the title of "INTERNAL SPEAKING EDUCATION".
Among the main titles of our book; thinking styles, positive and negative thoughts, getting rid of negative thoughts, emotions triggered by thoughts, early childhood and parental effects that play a role in their formation, defective attitudes and unreal and negative messages conveyed to the child, their effects on the shaping of the child's and later adult's thoughts and feelings, To be happy, to think effectively and to have positive feelings in accordance with the truth, to find our own “real self”, our own essence, to face it and the difficulties experienced with it, to be compassionate, sincere, sincere, honest, brave, tolerant towards ourselves. Being obsessed with perfectionism, self-alienation, resistance to change due to fear of being hurt, shame and their causes, criteria of psychological health and the sources that feed it, our immune system, love, bonding, neurotic lifestyle, depression, anxiety (anxiety) and its causes, positive and negative self-concept, spiritual There are the definition and importance of price, hope, the meaning, types, reasons of the emotions we experience, the relationship between emotion, thought and behavior, strength, competence, resilience and ways to help ourselves.
All these and the things mentioned in the book; These are the basic elements that will help us on the journey from negative to positive, to the “real self”, to our essence.

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