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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR - Organization and Individual

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR - Organization and Individual
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
304 Page
1. Hamur / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Mart, 2018
Organizational behavior is to understand the behavior of people working in the organization, both as individuals and as group members, so that organizations can be managed effectively. Understanding behaviors and their causes is important because it allows managers to predict the future behavior of individuals, to direct and control them in line with the goals of the organization. This book has been prepared with the development of the book called Organization and Human, which was written to provide both theoretical information and guidance on what can be done in practice for people who are candidates for management, but is completely exhausted.
For this purpose, the book consists of two parts: Organization and individual. In the part of the organization, the definition of the organization is given and the studies that require the definition of the organization as a socio-technical system are included, the interaction between the organization, the environment, technology and the organizational structure and its relations with the working individuals are mentioned.
In the individual part, first of all, the individual differences that make a person special as someone working in the organization are discussed. It has been tried to explain the formation of the personality traits of the individual and the factors affecting it, the learning process that has an important effect on his personality, the effect of what he has learned on his attitudes and how they shape his perception, and finally what causes his behavior.
Individuals may behave differently as a group member than when they are alone. Since the employees in organizations have to be in at least one work group, the behavior of the individual in the group has been tried to be explained, so that the people who will be managers are given theoretical and practical information about how they should manage individuals as a group member. In this section, it has been tried to convey information to the manager candidates about establishing a healthy communication, motivating the employees correctly, leading them effectively, explaining the reasons for the conflicts and stress they experience and how they can cope with it.

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