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GERONTOLOGY - Scope, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Economics and Politics - Volume 1

We would not have known the world by recognizing the faces of old age, which has been known for half a century, but considering that every person born under the sun is a world in itself, then knowing how and why we age and what kind of old age awaits us is the same as opening the door to a brand new world.
As we age, we change, and as we change, we change the world together. “Old” is the label. It is not our age that makes us old. Neither aging nor man has a single face. Every person goes from face to face throughout the day. He puts on and takes off his masks. Aging comes to us today with different faces. As we get to know them, we also recognize our aging and old age. Knowing about aging and old age means knowing the person and the age, especially in the age when the life expectancy sees 100 years and hopes that it will go beyond.
Old age doesn't have to be a sad end. As important as believing in destiny is believing that we can change it; that's the real issue. Getting old is our destiny, but changing old age is in our hands. Those who can predict their destiny can change their destiny. Seeing is possible with light. Knowledge is a powerful light. The mighty light of life in youth dazzles the eyes. In old age, however, life becomes more visible as the power of the light of life decreases. Our duty today is to improve the lives of those who can see life, to prepare the conditions for them to see a life full of peace, happiness and meaning.
The book in your hand, which is an encyclopedia, is the result of three years of hard work day and night. We think that you will read the chapters in this two-volume book with great enthusiasm and pleasure, in which the world-renowned and well-known experts in the field of gerontology convey their unique knowledge and experience as the authors of the chapters. In this book, which is prepared in two volumes, the subjects of Gerontology are discussed in a wide range from demography to psychology, from anthropology to sociology, from economics to life and environmental sciences, from education to technology, from politics to social welfare, from biology to psychiatry, from long-term care to preventive health, from nutrition to disability, from family structures to violence against the elderly.

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