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GROUP PROGRAMS for Intermediate and Advanced Adults

GROUP PROGRAMS for Intermediate and Advanced Adults
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
322 Page
Number of Prints
1. Baskı
Print Year
Nisan, 2016
“Group Programs for Intermediate and Advanced Adults” have been prepared for students who are still studying in these fields, as well as psychological counselors, psychologists, sociologists, social workers and medical professionals. The increase in the elderly population has necessitated the diversification of services for this population. Economic, psychological, social and health-related changes and problems in the life of the elderly person affect not only the elderly but also those living with them. As a result, it is necessary to carry out various studies by adopting different approaches to the problems that individuals are likely to encounter from the adult years. Based on this need, in the book "Group Programs for Individuals in Middle and Advanced Adulthood", programs and therapeutic content are planned for solving problems that can be experienced from adulthood on. The book you are reviewing is designed to consist of four functional parts. In the first part of the book, “social issues in middle and advanced adulthood” are mentioned. In this section, sessions that support communication skills, provide informative counseling, psychoeducational, life-cycle-based group therapy, adapt to menopause and andropause period, career planning in advanced adulthood, social life skills after retirement and make effective use of free time are planned. In the second part, group sessions based on cognitive-behavioral, psychoeducational, narrative therapy and mindfulness-based techniques were developed, addressing the process of “adapting to the changing cycle in advanced adulthood” under the headings of adapting to changing roles, empty nest syndrome, adaptation to second marriage, and developing grandparenting skills. In the third part, under the title of “psychological support for special groups in advanced adulthood”, psychological support groups are planned for people who are in need of special care, who are responsible for caring for the disabled and those with Alzheimer's disease, and who have adult patients in intensive care, and it is aimed to protect the mental health of individuals living with these special groups. In the fourth part, group studies supported by cognitive behavioral, expressive, humanistic and spiritual approaches were prepared for individuals who are trying to provide "psychological support to individuals in advanced adulthood" and who are trying to cope with depression, fear of death and the grieving process.
We hope that the “Group Programs for Individuals in Middle and Advanced Adults” book, which is supported by enjoyable and practical exercises, will be a resource that can be easily used by those who volunteer to support individuals in their old age.

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