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Islamist Journals 1960-1980 - Recovery and Diversification

With each passing day, we understand better that the period of introversion shaped around the adventure of the nation-state creates a serious limit in the world of thought. This can be clearly observed when agendas, concepts, and priorities in handling issues are followed. It is possible to say that the period when the signs of overcoming this limitation were seen in the most concrete way was the years between 1960 and 1980, when the multi-party life became relatively permanent. To a certain extent, this period, in which different layers of the public are directly involved in the process, continues to be influential today, both in terms of its specific weight in Turkey's recent history, as well as new searches, channels, institutionalizations, diversifications and discourse differentiations in the history of Islamist thought and publishing. .
In addition, the fact that a significant part of the people who took an active role in the activities of the period are still alive, allows a tested eye to examine a reading to be made from today. Considering that a very important part of the cadres who carry today's Turkey in politics, bureaucracy, civil institutions and intellectual fields are the generations that grew up in the 1960-1980 period, the importance of those years will be better understood. In conclusion, in order to better understand the present, it is quite clear that it is necessary to closely examine the years of 1960-80, which is almost the womb of today. Therefore, both contributing to the understanding of the process we are witnessing and providing the opportunity to create a bridge between these living historical witnesses and new generations reveals both the intention and the value of this study.

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