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Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation
Nobel Akademik Yayıncılık
452 Page
Kitap Kağıdı / Tek Renk
Number of Prints
2. Basım
Print Year
Nisan, 2024
Karton Kapak
Couples who love each other, dream of growing old together, and after having a child, cannot solve their problems after many unwanted experiences, and perhaps decide to divorce after receiving family counseling; While experiencing the negative processes of divorce, they do not harm each other and their children more in cases where the conditions are made more difficult in the court environment, divorce can be more economical, in a shorter time, with fairer conditions for both parties, both parties and their families can remain friends after the divorce, children can always be It is thought that completing the divorce process by making joint decisions under the supervision of an impartial third person, where they can see both parents regularly and receive support, will contribute positively to both couples and children and society.
In the book, both domestic and international literature and practices have been tried to be presented to the readers with an impartial eye, and they will work on divorce mediation. to academics; to students and practitioners of law, social work, psychology, psychological counseling, sociology, child development, preschool education, family and consumer sciences; to family counselors; to family court judges and experts; To the members of the 2nd Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court; to experts who will conduct legal studies on this subject; it has been tried to give basic information to the managers of the relevant institutions and organizations, to the readers who are curious about the issue of divorce mediation and to the couples who want to get divorced by agreement.
At the end of the book; Family Counselors who have received 450 hours of training in the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and have a Family Counseling certificate, and the desire of Lawyers who have received mediation training within the scope of the Mediation Law, to work together and to carry out interdisciplinary and holistic studies on Divorce Mediation, which can set an example for other countries, has been expressed.

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